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Hot pepper

Fiery hot peppers are easy plants to grow in great variety. There are many different types, each bearing fruits with varying degrees of heat. The plants take up little space, so plant several and decide which you like best. (They're excellent in containers -- and attractive!)

Ancho or poblano peppers are mildly hot and often used for stuffing. Jalapenos are several times hotter. Tabasco peppers are up to 50 times hotter, and habaneros are 100 times hotter.

While the variety of hot pepper is the biggest determinant of spiciness, weather and stress also play roles. Plants suffering from water or nutrient stress produce fewer but hotter peppers. Cool, cloudy weather makes peppers less hot.

Plant Type:
Plant Height:
6-48 inches tall
Plant Width:
18-36 inches wide
Bloom Time:
Colorful fruits are the main show from hot peppers. Many varieties display fruits ranging in color from yellow to red to purple at the same time on a single plant.
Landscape Uses:
Beds & Borders