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If you want to reduce your supermarket bill and also improve the quality of your salads, grow lettuce -- and grow it in variety. With very little space, you'll have a steady supply of wonderful salads from earliest spring until past frost. You'll have only a short hiatus in the hottest parts of summer, when this cool-season vegetable stops producing.

Lettuce comes in four basic types: crisphead, butterhead, loose-leaf, and romaine. Crisphead types are also called iceberg or Batavian lettuce. Butterhead lettuces form smaller, looser heads. Loose-leaf lettuce has an open growth pattern and doesn't form a head. Romaine or cos lettuce forms upright, cylindrical heads.

Lettuce grows best at cool temperatures. It becomes bitter and goes to seed in summer heat, but you can find types touted as more heat-tolerant.

Sun,Part Sun
Plant Type:
Plant Height:
2-12 inches tall
Plant Width:
2-12 inches wide